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Electric Lifestyle has big ambitions. We are the specialists for Evolve Skateboards, Onewheel from Future Motion and SUPER 73 from Lithium Cycles in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. By not offering all products in these segments but to focus on the pioneers, which produce high quality products, we have a different concept than other suppliers. We offer all spare-parts and accessories from stock, also from other very popular brands. This makes us unique.

We fully understand that you want to test, know and maintain your product. For this you need a reliable partner that has complete knowledge about the products they offer. Electric Lifestyle wants to be this for you in the area of SKATE.WHEEL.BIKE

By offering a complete package with products, lessons and maintenance we can relief you from any worries. But this is of course your own choice, we do obligate you to nothing.

At our office you can come by for a demo, test or maintenance. Purchased products can be picked-up here if you prefer this. Because we want to give you all the time you deserve we only work on appointment. This is often possible during the day or evening, it is something we can discuss. Just contact us!

VAT number: NL158938070B01



Evolve Skateboards:
Evolve has been founded in Australia by Jeff Anning. In 2012 the first skateboards were sent out and nowadays the company is active in 12 countries with own offices. The boards are being sold in 30 countries and the focus remains on providing the best quality and riding experience.

Onewheel is an American company founded in 2013. Its mother company is called Future Motion Inc. Kyle Doerksen is the owner and with a Kickstarter project in 2014 he raised enough money for the first developments. Nowadays Onewheel is the leading company for electric unicycles.

Super 73:
Lithium Cycles has been around since 2011, but only in 2016 it has focussed on electric bikes. Their highly desired retro bikes have caused that this American company became market leader in their segement in no-time.




Check here our blog posts about our products and new developments (some in Dutch). Our latest post you can find here:

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Ambassadors are very valuable for our company. They carry out the Electric Lifestyle philosophy and have heart for the products they also use themselves. Are you interested to become an ambassador please contact us.

Frost Visto: passionate filmmaker and Onewheel+ XR rider. Frost is full of energy and carries the Onewheel comminuty in his heart. His website is GreggyFrost and Instagram frostvisto. He is ambassador for the Onewheel+ XR!

Michaƫl Mispelters: already from the kickstarter project a huge fan of the Super 73 concept. As ambassador of the Super 73 SG he rides in beautiful Mechelen. Do you want to know more about him check then his Instagram account: michaelmispelters .