The Netherlands
The products from Evolve, Onewheel and Xiaomi are in The Netherlands not allowed on the public road. Despite that in Europe there are several countries that have adopted regulations or working on this, The Netherlands is unfortunately not part of this. We hope that in the near future this will change and there will be general European legislation. The products may be used on own terrain / non-public roads.

In Belgium it is allowed to ride on the bicycle lane when not going faster than 25 kilometer per hour. Additional demands such as visibility can be applicable. Furthermore an insurance is needed.

For Germany there are looking to make rules that it is allowed to drive on the road when the device is not going faster than 20 kilometer per hour. Besides this an insurance is needed. You do not need tag but you will have to put a sticker on the device to show it has insurance. But currently the law is not completely clear. Check with your local police office to get the latest information.

Electric Lifestyle cannot be held responsible for damages, fines or injuries due to the use of the offered products. We sell the products, which is allowed in The Netherlands, but we cannot monitor proper use of these products. Electric Lifestyle does not have influence on possible technical problems as we are not the producers. Therefor we cannot accept any claims.

When you have questions, please contact us for more information!