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GENERAL questions

Who is Electric Lifestyle?
we are the e-mobility specialist for onewheel, evolve skateboards, super73 and xiaomi. by specializing us in these brands we can offer complete service solutions. more information can be found under the “about us” page.

For whom are these products intended?
We like to see that our products are used by young and old, but a minimum age of 14 years is recommended.

Can I use the products on the public roads?
For the Super 73 this is not a problem, but the Evolve, xiaomi and Onewheel products are officially not allowed on the public road. for belgium and germany different rules apply. Check for this also our disclaimer on the "About us" page.

Should I wear protection?
We cannot decide this for you, but certainly for the Evolve and Onewheel products we would recommend you to wear a helmet. Also wrist, elbow and knee pads are good things to have.

What kind of warranty do you provide?
For this take a look at our warranty rules per product group at the "About us" page. or use this direct link.

Can you also deliver parts that are not listed on the website?
Yes we can deliver basically everything for Evolve, xiaomi, Onewheel and Super 73. We have chosen not to list all the parts online because often they are not needed of just on occasion. Just contact us when you have a specific request.

What are the delivery times?
On our website you will find 2 different options:

”ordered before 16:00”
This means that a product is in stock. Normally a shipment goes out the same day when it has been received before 16:00.

Some products are so popular that the producer cannot create any stock. In this case the orders are first collected beforehand and given to the producer. They will produce the ordered products first and when there is production capacity left some stock can be created. It does mean you have to wait a little while for your product but you are sure you are not missing out.

Do you charge shipment costs?
For The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany applies: When the order amount is below €75,00 then €6,50 in shipment costs are charged. When the total goes above €75,00 then the shipment is free. Exceptions are the SUPER73 bikes and service packages. These have different shipment costs.

for The rest of Europe there are no shipment costs when the orders are above €200,00. exceptions are the super73 e-bikes and service packages.

What kind of payment options do you provide?
we accept all normal payment methods, such as ideal, bancontact, giropay, creditcard, paypal, etc. we do not charge payment fees for paypal payments as some of our competitors do.

Can I pay when picking up the goods?
In some cases it is possible to pay when picking up the goods. For this please contact us so we can arrange it. 
Cash: it is not possible to pay with cash.
Bankcard / credit card: it is possible to use your bankcard or credit card, however we charge 2.5% on top of the purchase amount as an additional fee.
Online: it is possible to create an order on the spot and pay online. This will not carry additional fees.

EVOLVE skateboards

What is the difference between the boards, what should I choose? 
In general it depends on your own preference in regards to design and application. The Carbon has a very sharp design but is less flexible. The Bamboo is a very good all-round board. all of them have a very good range. Definitely look at the surface you would like to ride, your personal riding preference and the design. Pick a board that suits you best and from that the right version. Or contact us for advice. This link is also very helpful. 

How to I connect my remote control?
- R2 Remote
- GT Remote

How long should I charge?
- Standard charger Bamboo/ONE: 3 to 4 hours
- Quick charger Bamboo/ONE: 1.5 to 2 hours
- Standard charger Carbon/GTX/GTR: 4 to 5 hours
- Quick charger Carbon/GTX/GTR: 2 to 3 hours
- R2 remote: 1 to 2 hours
- GT remote: 1 hour

How do I change my wheels?
- All-Terrain to Street
- Street to All-Terrain

Can I drive normally with it?
Yes, you can use the board without motor, but it will be heavier.

Can they withstand water?
the new generation, the gtr, is not water resistant, but does come close to it. so you can ride in wet environments but it would still be on your own risk. riding in wet surfaces can be dangerous anyway because of skidding out.

Do you have any other questions?
Check this link where you can find a lot of info about several Evolve subjects.


What is the difference between the PINT and Onewheel+ XR?

Do you have a manual?
Yes here.

When I get my Onewheel is it then ready to go?
Yes, you can ride it immediately. We do recommend to charge it completely once before riding.

What kind of shoes should I wear for riding it?
Skate shoes with flat soles will give you the best feeling with your Onewheel.

How to operate the different modes on my Onewheel?
There is an app available for iOS and Android that you can download. With this you can connect to your Onewheel and activate the different riding options.

What does the pulsing blue light mean on my Onewheel?
This is besides being the on/off switch also a battery indicator. How longer the pulse is visible the more your battery is charged. When the pulse only is visible once in a while it means the battery is almost empty. When it blinks and not pulsates it means there is an error on the Onewheel. With the manual you are able to determine what this means.

What is "push-back"?
Your Onewheel will give a signal to you the moment it wants to tell you something. It will do this by pushing back against your foot. This for example is an indication that you are going faster than your Onewheel can handle. When you do not listen at that moment it can happen that you crash. When you get a very clear push-back it is a sign that the battery is really almost drained. In this case stop immediately to avoid a crash.

How do I dismount?
Very good questions, basically there are 2 options:
1. When are almost at a stand-still, lift your heel from the front footpad so that you stand on your toes. After that you can gently go down with the backside of your Onewheel.
2. Jump off with both feet at the same time. Only when you are almost at a stand-still of course!
You will need feeling to do this right and we recommend to really practice this to avoid pain.

Why is it not working?
1. Is it turned on?
2. Does it display an error?
3. Are you standing correctly with both feet completely on the pads?
4. Is the battery empty or almost empty?
5. Did you get on your board very quickly and go horizontal? Try again a bit slower.

How do I carve?

Can I take it into a plane?
This is different per airline. Contact them for information. 

Can I ride everywhere and what can it take?
Under water we do not recommend, also because of the warranty. But basically it is a tank that can have a lot. Do be careful with charging when it is a bit wet. And always store it inside and in a warm place.


Do you have an overview of the different bikes?
For sure!

Comparison Z SG1.JPG

Do these bikes need maintenance?
as with every (electric) bike also the super73 e-bike needs maintenance at some point. that is why it is important to find a partner that can provide this service. electric lifestyle is such a partner with even service on location.

Do you also have a manual?

Jep, click this link.

What is the difference between hydraulic and mechnical disc brakes?
The biggest difference is that mechanical brakes use a cable and hydraulic brakes use a liquid the same as a car.
Mechanical brakes are more sensitive for debris and the brake force is less. But they are esier to tune and cheaper to replace.
Hydraulic brakes provide for a very reliable and powerful brake. This is a superior form of braking, but it requires more maintenance and is more expensive in parts.

What is the difference between the 2A and 5A charger?
The 5A charges faster than the 2A and both can be used. The 2A comes standard with the SG and the 5A with the SG1.

What is that "pedal-assist"?
That is the beauty of a bike like this, there is an engine that will help you during paddling. Because of this you do not have to work so hard and you can go faster than normal. The cadence sensor is a type of pedal-assist. You control the support and speed manually via the display. Easy enough, not? THE SAME IS FOR THE TORQUE SENSOR. HOWEVER THIS SENSOR LOOKS MORE AT WHAT THE RIDER IS DOING WHICH MAKES THE RIDING FEEL MORE NATURAL.


what is the difference between the m365 and the m365 pro?
the main difference is the distance you can cover with them. the m365 can go as a maximum 30 kilometers and the m365 PRO 45 kilometers. besides this the m365 pro can handle a big more steeper hills.

do you also have a manual?
Jep, click this link.

what should i do when i get a flat tire?
there are air tires inside so you can just fix or replace them. of course we can help you with this.

is xiaomi really the best brand?
of course we are biased, but we truly believe that xiaomi is the best brand. with all the experience they have and the million of miles they have covered with this e-step they really proven themselves as trustworthy partner. furthermore, with the quality of materials and the air tires you are sure of smooth ride.