what is the difference between the m365 and the m365 pro?
the main difference is the distance you can cover with them. the m365 can go as a maximum 30 kilometers and the m365 PRO 45 kilometers. besides this the m365 pro can handle a big more steeper hills.

do you also have a manual?
Jep, click this link.

what should i do when i get a flat tire?
there are air tires inside so you can just fix or replace them. of course we can help you with this.

is xiaomi really the best brand?
of course we are biased, but we truly believe that xiaomi is the best brand. with all the experience they have and the million of miles they have covered with this e-step they really proven themselves as trustworthy partner. furthermore, with the quality of materials and the air tires you are sure of smooth ride.